• Windows/Unix development on Mac Part 2: VirtualBox & Vagrant

    September 19, 2016 11:17

    There is no lack of fine tutorials on the basics of Vagrant, e.g. here, and O'Reilly of course has an excellent introduction (on Amazon here).

    Arguably for my immediate tasks at hand I don't need Vagrant: at the moment I need to create two Unix VMs for a projects I'm working on, and I could do that just fine with the VirtualBox Manager. But at the very least I want to lay out my projects with multiple reproducible projects in mind. A sane layout now could save me untold grief later. (more )

  • Windows/Unix development on Mac Part 1: Virtual Machines

    September 17, 2016 09:29

    A while back I took a hard look at virtual machines (VMs), but at the time they didn’t work all that well, and I wasn’t really doing a lot of cross-platform development anyway.

    Both of those have changed, so it’s time to reassess everything. And it looks like I may need to travel, so I want to end up with a portable development environment. So I’ve decided to get a MacPro laptop to be my primary development machine, run VMs on it to support Windows and the various flavors of Xnix, and move projects from local storage to the cloud. (I've been a Windows & Xnix guy forever, so Mac will be a new experience in many ways, I'm sure!) (more )

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